Friday, June 8, 2012

Assalammualaikum.. Morning bloggers..!
okay.. if yesterday i shared with you guys "petua" how to keep your skin smooth..
today i would like to shared with you guys 
bout one of my activity last Sunday.. actually last Sunday my friends and i
had an exhibition.. the exhibition was held at
The Annexe Gallery, Central Market. during the exhibition, we had shown all
our artwork a.k.a assignment that had been 
asked by lecturer to do in the class.. my group have to do a campaign.
we had choose "No Plastic Bag" as our campaign.
actually im only in charge with the exhibition for a day, which is on
Sunday, 3rd June.. but the exhibition were started on Saturday, 2nd June..
and end on Wednesday, 6th June.. this exhibition were combined 
about two subjects. Portfolio Development and my subject, Multimedia Technology..
this exhibition started at 11am and end 6pm.. 
we have so  much fun there.. there's a lot of activities.. one of it, we sang together..
and that is one my sweet memory of this year.. i really enjoy there..
okay.. lets talk about people who came to the exhibition.. even there not much 
people came to the exhibition, but we still having fun there..
hm.. i think there's nothing else to tell you guys.. enough for today..
catch with you guys some other time ya.. chao! Salam..
enjoy reading howdy friends!

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